Semiquest Patent Sale Opportunity

Polishing Pads in Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) of Copper Wafers

The UCC Article 9 Auction involving the Semiquest Assets will be conducted by Pluritas, LLC on April 24, 2012 at 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time at 201 California Street, Suite 650, San Francisco, CA 94111.  Bidding instructions are provided below.

To participate by teleconference, please dial +1 (510) 443-0604, Access Code: 270-797-481 using “ # “ when prompted for an audio pin. If you have any difficulty joining the conference, please contact Robert Aronoff at 415-305-8211.

Pluritas, LLC has been retained by 3M Innovative Properties Company (“Secured Party”) to manage the disposition of SemiQuest, Inc.’s (“the Debtor”) patents and other intangible assets pursuant to Section 9610 of the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of California (the “Code”).

Public Auction of the Semiquest Patent Assets Will Take Place at Pluritas’ Headquarters in San Francisco, CA on April 24, 2012, with non-binding Letters of Intent due on or before April 10, 2012; Minimum Qualifying Bid is set at $1.1 Million. Please see the Bidding Instructions (link provided below) for more information.

Diligence Materials:  Please scroll down to view/download the 34 files made available to you below.

Although the Security Agreement defines the Assets, Pluritas understands the Assets to include:

  • 5 issued US patents: US 7,530,880; US 7,815,778; US 7,846,008; US 8,066,555; US 8,075,745
  • 7 US pending applications: 11/562,346; 12/141,876; 12/431,119; 12/431,515; 12/616,323; 12/991,097* (*co-owned asset); 13/162,508
  • Foreign Equivalents (granted and/or pending): China, Europe, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, PCT

To schedule a conference call or request other support, interested bidders should send inquiries to Additionally, Pluritas partners can be contacted at:

Mark Thomann, Partner, Brands and Distressed Transactions, (415) 354-1760 x-107
Craig Carothers, Partner and General Counsel, (415) 354-1760 x-102
Robert Aronoff, Founder and Managing Partner, (415) 354-1760 x-101

Please Note — Sale process may be updated from time to time at Seller's discretion. Please check back at this site frequently or talk with your Pluritas contact. Please click on the links below to download a desired file.

Intro: (9 Files)

PDFs of 5 Patents and 7 pending Applications: (12 Files)

US 7,530,880 US 7,815,778 US 7,846,008
US 8,066,555 US 8,075,745 US 11/562,346
US 12/141,876 US 12/431,119 US 12/431,515
US 12/616,323 US 13/162,508 US 12/991,097*

Patent File Wrappers: (12 Files)

FW 7,530,880 FW 7,815,778 FW 7,846,008
FW 8,066,555 FW 8,075,745 FW 11/562,346
FW 12/141,876 FW 12/431,119 FW 12/431,515
FW 12/616,323 FW 13/162,508 FW 12/991,097*

Additional Materials: (1 File)

  • Proposed 3M Public Sale Agreement (PSA)